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Outdoor Protection

Basic package OUTDOOR is our smallest package which consists of an ID card holder and a Smartphone App. The package is primarily intended for people who work outside.

  • Compact panic button or ID card holder.
  • Smartphone and ID card holder are connected automatically.
  • Call for help by pressing the panic button on the ID card holder.
  • The GPS position of the smartphone is sent together with the alarm.
  • You choose who and how many will receive the alarms.
  • 24 hour automatic alarm monitoring.
  • Setup and free support.

Indoor Protection

Basic package INDOOR is our solution for shops, receptions, offices, bars etc. The package contains:

  • Smartphone App.
  • Mountable panic button or ID card holder.
  • Bluetooth Receiver with cables and power supply.
  • Call for help by pressing the mountable panic button.
  • Your indoor position is sent along with the alarm.
  • You choose who and how many will receive the alarms.
  • 24-hour automatic alarm monitoring.
  • Setup and free support.

Additional products


Extra Smartphone App so colleagues, neighbours, friends, family or guards can receive your alarms and come to your rescue.


The world's most discreet panic alarm! Discreet panic button on the back so you can call for help wirelessly. Insert your regular access card, cash register card or ID card and no one has any idea that it is a panic alarm!


The intelligent alarm receiver which also finds your position indoors. Connects to your Internet via cable that is included.


Wireless small panic button, which is easy to mount on a wall, under a counter or at the checkout. Battery powered with batteries that last for several years.


Wireless portable panic alarm which can be worn around the wrist, put in the belt or worn around the neck. Battery operated with replaceable battery.

How does it work?




2SafeYOU offers a high degree of flexibility. The above scenarios are based on a store environment, but the system is just as suitable for other companies, e.g. hotels, receptions, bars, sports halls, offices or clinics.


As they said in the Danish movies “Olsen Banden”, discretion is a matter of honor. We believe the same at 2SafeYOU and we have strived to make our panic buttons as discreet as possible. They should not provoke anyone!


For more than 2 decades, 2SafeYOU has been protecting employees around the world. We provide operation and monitoring so you can concentrate on your business. All data is secured and all GDPR rules are complied with.


With 2SafeYOU you are always protected no matter where you and your colleagues are, as the system works both inside and outside. For quick response, you can send alarms to colleagues, family, neighbors, guards or to our 24-hour monitoring center.


2SafeYOU is a cloud-based subscription service with a competitive price. We use your own Internet so you do not have to pay for a mobile subscription. You can start small and expand as the need arises.

Kristian Stiesmark


We ensure that you are always protected and that you can feel safe.

“Our company has been providing personal security solutions for two decades to many of the world’s largest companies. With 2SafeYOU, we offer all companies an opportunity to get the same protection of employees as the large companies have. With 2SafeYOU and when using the Internet, we offer our unique Danish-developed technology to protect you and your employees.”

  • Scalable packages tailored to your needs
  • Future-proof panic alerting for use both indoors and outdoors
  • Positioning when you have a problem – indoor and outside
  • Cost-effective subscription solution abonnementsløsning
  • Calls of colleagues, neighbours or guards


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